BitSmith works with Film Distributors and Producers to help you reach your audience. So whether it’s fulfilling pages and pages of broadcast delivery requirements, getting your film ready for a nation wide DCP theatrical release, or creating DVDs or Blu-Rays to get your film seen near and far – BitSmith has you covered.

Below is a short list of some of the services that we offer. Please get in touch for a formal quote.

Oh, and if you’re an indie filmmaker, check out our sister company, The DCP Master for all your DCP Mastering needs, at indie friendly pricing!

Theatrical Exhibition Services

❯ DCP Package Mastering
❯ DCP Trailer Mastering
❯ DCP Editing / Localization
❯ DCP Duplication / Distribution
❯ End-to-End Encryption (KDM) Management

Broadcast / VOD Exhibition Services

❯ Broadcast Package Mastering / Delivery
❯ OTT Package Mastering / Delivery (iTunes / Netflix / Amazon / Google…)
❯ Video master editing / Master Repair / Localization

Accessibility Services

❯ Transcription
❯ Translation
❯ Captioning
❯ Descriptive Video

Digital Delivery

❯ High Speed Digital Receipt and Transfer of Media Packages

DVD & Blu-ray

❯ DVD & Blu-ray mastering
❯ DVD & Blu-ray retail manufacturing
❯ Screener duplication
❯ Exhibition Blu-ray creation and replication

Archival, Storage & Film Restoration

❯ Long term redundant digital master archival & storage
❯ Restoration and Digitization of Obsolete Physical Formats
❯ Full Project Restoration Services

Distributor Services

❯ Full deliverable management and QC

USB Media

❯ Custom Flash Media
❯ USB mass duplication
❯ USB mass package verification

360 Degree Video

❯ Sphericalized Degree Video Stitching and Package Generation